Legacy CL750 Intermediate Clarinet w/ Deluxe Carrying Case

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Legacy CL750 Intermediate Clarinet w/ Deluxe Carrying Case


The Legacy CL750 Clarinet is one of our best student/intermediate clarinets and is specially priced to save 50%-75% compared to other manufacturers.  It is a superior entry level student instrument which provides rich sound quality and excellent intonation.  It is a great choice for the serious student who chooses to own, rather than rent an instrument. It features sterling silver-plated keys made from hardened nickel to withstand the rigors of student handling.  It has been a top selling clarinet online for over 5 years.  It is setup adjusted and easy to play.



  • Superior Quality Student Level Bb Clarinet
  • Manufactured in one of the world's finest factories alongside the world’s top brands. Great intonation, build quality and superior tone.
  • Includes a Deluxe Zipper Canvas Case
  • Includes a Standard Mouthpiece, Cap, Ligature, Reed, Neck Strap and Cork Grease
  • Includes a 2 Year Warranty (When purchased from The Instrument Store)




  • Key of Bb Clarinet
  • Includes mouthpiece, cap, ligature and reed
  • Traditional straight bore
  • Boehm fingering system
  • Key System     17 keys, 6 rings
  • Barrel Length  65mm
  • Body Material  Matte ABS Resin
  • Barrel Material Matte ABS Resin
  • Bell Material    Matte ABS Resin
  • Hard Nickel, Sterling Silver plated keys
  • Straight tone holes with tapered undercut
  • Stainless steel springs