Legacy LASC200BR Deluxe Alto Saxophone Case, Brown

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Legacy LASC200BR Deluxe Alto Saxophone Case, Brown

Here is another great "Legacy" brand product from The Instrument Store.

This is a beautiful replacement pro quality alto sax case which compares with top quality cases sold as twice the price.

It features a brown canvas exterior with storage pocket over hard foam (This is not a soft flimsy case). It has a double pull zipper and a soft brown velour interior.

If the case you are using is old, torn and smelly - it is time to replace it with a new case from Legacy Music.

NOTE: This case is for "modern" Eb Alto Saxes with right side bell keys, which is how most saxes have been made after 1950. This will not fit a sax with split bell keys or keys on the left side of the bell.



  • Pro Quality Alto Sax Case - Legacy products are known for their outstanding quality at reasonable prices
  • Beautiful brown canvas over hard shell foam with a sturdy double-pull zipper
  • Will fit most modern (post 1950) alto saxes. Student, intermediate and pro horns with right side bell keys
  • Converts to a backpack in seconds
  • Replace your worn out case to keep your instrument protected and safe


Outer dimensions:

  • Length – 26”
  • Width – 12”
  • Height – 8"