Legacy LSM-65 Studio Condenser Microphone with Shock Mount and case

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The Legacy LSM-65 was developed to meet the expanding needs of vocalists and recording musicians. This microphone is made with a single diaphragm condenser in order to produce a minimum amount of self-noise. This microphone also features a cardioid polar pattern, which allows it to focus a specific instrument without picking up noise from other instruments. A switchable bass roll-off filter reduces proximity effect and vibration noise. The Legacy LSM-65 provides an accurate reproduction of even the most subtle sounds, and can handle very high sound pressure levels with ease.

Suitable for players of all levels and compares with many of the other brands costing far more.

  • Large singe-diaphragm condenser microphone with low self-noise. Cardiode polar pattern picks up sound directly in front of mic while reducing pickup of sound from rear
  • Delivers Natural reproduction of the most critical recordings of vocals and acoustic instruments. Developed to meet the needs of vocalists and recording musicians
  • Provides Accurate reproduction of even the most subtle sounds. Can Handle very high sound pressure levels with ease.

Every musician strives to create their own legacy, but where do you start. We would like to introduce you to the Legacy line of musical instruments. The quality is outstanding and the tone and intonation are superior.