Yamaha YAC-CL4CM-II 4CM Bb Custom Clarinet Mouthpiece; Hard Rubber

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Yamaha YAC-CL4CM-II 4CM Bb Custom Clarinet Mouthpiece; Hard Rubber

Yamaha Custom Series clarinet mouthpieces are sculpted out of choice ebonite, a high-quality hard rubber which offers a deep resonance and tonal qualities similar to those of natural wood. Every step of the production, from the initial shaping of the mouthpiece ‘blank’ to the final hand crafting of the facing, is done by Yamaha’s experienced artisans for complete control ensuring consistent high quality. The Custom Series mouthpieces are characterized by a warm rich tone with exceptional clarity. Their accurate intonation and comfortable playability have made them popular with many leading artists. 


4CM Bb clarinet mouthpiece


Model 4CM5CM6CM
Bb/A ClarinetTip Opening 1.05mm 1.10mm 1.15mm
Facing Length 21.0mm 21.0mm 21.0mm


3C Easy control and good response from lower to higher ranges, even for beginners.
4C Helps obtain a well-balanced tone over all octaves, for professionals and beginners alike.
5C Facilitates a richer, fuller volume than 4C, with a greater tonal variety.
6C An excellent mouthpiece for experienced players seeking powerful volume, strong tone, and rich tone variety.
7C A jazz favorite for penetrating volume with a rich, strong sound and precise tonality.