Yamaha YAC-TR17C4-HGPR Trumpet Mouthpiece; Gold Plated Rim Cup

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Yamaha YAC-TR17C4-HGPR Trumpet Mouthpiece; Gold Plated Rim Cup

HGPR Series has been created especially for professionals who require superior quality from their mouthpiece. The HGPR Series features an innovative shape and extra-heavy gold-plate finish for players who prefer a focused, concentrated tonal core. 



  • Rim Inner Diameter: 17.30mm
  • Throat: 3.65mm


Model No.Rim Inner Diameter (mm)Throat
TR7A4-HGPR 16.24 3.65 Relatively small inner rim diameter, but still flexible. Perfect for piccolo or lead trumpet.
TR8C4-HGPR 16.19 3.65 Good for all-around playing, including solos. Combines an extended high range with rich lows.
TR11B4-HGPR 16.46 3.65 A somewhat shallow cup and medium rim for extra endurance. Brilliant tone. Suitable for D, Eb, and piccolo trumpets.
TR14A4a-HGPR 16.68 3.65 Fast-response high range and powerful sound. Ideal for piccolo or lead trumpet.
TR14B4-HGPR 16.85 3.65 Relatively large rim diameter and shallow cup. Outstanding overall balance for all musical genres.
TR14C4-HGPR 16.88 3.65 Rim designed for outstanding facility and flexibility. Popular in ensembles and orchestras. Can produce high volume.
TR16C4-HGPR 17.00 3.65 Large rim and medium cup for easy playability over a wide range. High volume. Excellent for symphony orchestra players.
TR17C4-HGPR 17.30 3.65 Powerful, dark sound. A popular choice with symphony orchestra players.


Comparison Chart

 Rim Inner Diameter
?ùÇ SmallLarge ?û?
    EM1 EM2     SHEW-LEAD VIZZUTTI        
5A4 6A4a 7A4     11A4/11A5 13A4a 14A4a        
    7B4     11B4 13B4 14B4 15B4   17B4  
              SHEW-JAZZ     GOULD  
          11     DAMROW AUBIER    
      8C4 9C4 11C4 13C4 14C4 15C4 16C4 17C4 18C4
            13D4 14D4   16D 17D4  
              14E4 15E4 16E4    
  GP Series available
  Signature Series