Yamaha YAH-803S Custom Neo Alto Horn; Silver-Plated

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Feature 1:
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Key of Eb
Feature 4:
Lacquered Brass Finish
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With Case
Yamaha YAH-803S Custom Neo Alto Horn; Silver-Plated

Working together with Sheona White, we analyzed and re-evaluated every part and component to create an instrument that delivers richer resonance and more expressive depth. It produces a graceful tone that enhances the alto horn’s presence while delivering the tone color, volume, resistance, and accurate pitch that brass band performers and soloists demand in an instrument.



  • Bell

The two-piece yellow brass bell features a larger diameter to deliver a wider dynamic range.

  • First Branch Taper

The first branch features a new design that offers improved pitch and greater tone color. The main tuning slide is designed with a new taper and wider bow that produces greater tone color, a freer feel, more accurate pitch, and greater dynamic range.

  • Valve

A new, heavier valve casing design produces a richer, more authoritative tone.

  • Mouthpiece Receiver & Brace

The mouthpiece receiver and brace design produces a moderate amount of resistance and thicker sound when playing, delivering greater projection and expressiveness.



BodyFinish Silver-plated
ValveNumber of Valves 3 valves
BellBell Size 210mm (8-1/4”)
BoreBore Size 11.9mm (0.469")
Body Yellow brass
Key Eb
Included AccessoriesCase AHC-803
Mouthpiece 38D4