Yamaha YFG-812 Custom Bassoon; Heckel System

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Key of C
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Yamaha YFG-812 Custom Bassoon; Heckel System

Yamaha Custom bassoons, which are considered the finest bassoons currently being produced, can be heard in some of the world’s greatest orchestras. They deliver a full rich sound which allows control of the most subtle tone shadings in delicate passages, while letting you open the sound up beyond traditional limits. With redesigned tonehole shapes and positions, and ergonomic "finger-friendly" key shapes, they also feature extremely accurate intonation and a comfortable playability. The 812, with a heavier body wall, features a rich, authoritative sound. It is ideal for players who prefer a round, warm tone, and who require the power to balance the volume of a modern symphony orchestra.



  • Two Body Types

The YFG-812 has a heavier 4-millimeter thick body wall, resulting in a darker tone that blends well with the modern orchestra.

  • Key Systems

The key systems on these instruments are hand-assembled by experienced craftsmen, with emphasis on superior quality and playability. A balancer and Bb key guard are standard, and a roller system and over-sized left-hand thumb key facilitate performance of difficult passages. The left-hand little finger key and right-hand thumb and little finger keys have been located in the most natural, comfortable positions for significantly enhanced playability, allowing the performer to focus the music not the instrument.

  • Case

YFG-812 comes with FGC-802N case.



Trill keys F-G, E-F#
Auxiliary Keys High D key, 6 roller keys (low C#, low Eb, F#, Ab little finger, Ab thumb, F), Bb key guard, Balancer
ToneholesSystem Heckel system
Body Long-seasoned maple body (thick wall)
Key Silver-plated nickel silver
Included AccessoriesCase FGC-802N
Included Accessories Super Bocals (CN1S and CN2S),