Yamaha YRS-302B Soprano Recorder; Dark Brown

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Yamaha YRS-302B Soprano Recorder; Dark Brown

Based on the Baroque-era designs of J.H.J. Rottenburgh, the Yamaha 300 Series recorders deliver a rich body of sound while providing the convenience of a durable, maintenance-free ABS resin construction. With their broad range of tonal expression and their superb playability, these recorders are fully competitive with more expensive wooden models. The 300 Series recorders come in a variety of styles. 

This is a soprano recorder for the more advanced player ready to move beyond the basics. Traditional Baroque fingering system.



  • Arched Windway

An arched windway creates slight resistance when you play for better breath control which gives greater tonal expressiveness and projection.

  • ABS Resin Plastic

A very durable plastic that makes care and maintenance easy. Plus, it's completely free of both BPA and latex for your peace of mind.

  • Construction

The three-piece construction of this recorder makes tuning and cleaning easier. In addition, Yamaha uses a technique known as ultrasonic welding to assemble these instruments, which means no glues or adhesives are necessary.

  • Included Accessories
Packaged in a soft case
Fingering chart
Cleaning rod
Recorder cream
Owner's manual


Key C
Fingering Baroque system
Double holes C-C#; D-D#.
Construction Three-piece
Material ABS resin plastic
Finish Brown finish with white trim